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Published version: 2022-12-04




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Vault application


Database File VAF


Installed releases

  • Get the latest release installed in your database : SELECT * FROM dbo.MFDeploymentDetail

  • Get the latest release installed for a specific object: SELECT * FROM setup.MFSQLObjectsControl WHERE Name = ‘ObjectName’

  • View the Release of the package Installation File: Right click on installation file / Select Properties / Select Details tab

Release numbering

Starting with Rel 4, there is only one installation package and the release number of the main package show changes in different elements

  • The first digit is the main release. e.g. Release 4 starts with 4.x.x.x

  • The second digit is for M-Files application changes (note that the Apps have their own release number series)

  • The third digit is for Assembly changes (note that the assemblies have their own release number series)

  • The fourth digit is for SQL changes. This number will run in series for all packages.

Change control summary

Each procedure, table or function contains there own change control section. See each object for more detail

This is a major new release with significant changes related to the vault application in response to M-Files moving to New Cloud. It has material implications for users of the Context Menu functionality. Consult Upgrading to VAF 10.4

  1. Change of name of the procedure spMfGetSettingsForCofigurator to spMfGetSettingsForConfigurator

  2. The assemblies were updated to change the approach the license expiry date to avoid localisation issues.

  3. The VAF was fundamentally redesigned to cater for multi server mode, process actions as tasks and allow for full logging. The core functionality remained the same.

  4. The MFSQLConnectorWebAPI is changed to respond to the changes in the new VAF.

  5. Fix bug in spMFsendHTMLBodyEmail

  6. Add new procedure spMFUndeleteObject to allow for undeleting of objects from SQL. This involve assembly changes

  7. Increase parameter text size to allow for more feedback from the VAF in the procedure spMFValidateModule. The additional feedback will only come into effect with the VAF changes in the next version

  8. Table MFContextMenuQueue is expanded to include additional logging information. These changes will only come into effect after the logging methods have been deployed.

  9. spMFSetContextMenuQueue is being revised to respond to new logging methods in VAF. This is work in progress.

  10. spMFUpdateTableInternal is changed with isolation levels and no lock to avoid locking

  11. spMFUpdatetable is changed by adding protection against locking when updating class table

  12. spMFUpdatetable is changed to fix bug with not updating MFAuditHistory

  13. spMFSetup_Reporting added additional automated functionality, including automatically updating the created table and showing the classtablestats

  14. spMFDeleteObject, spMFUndeleteObject and spMFDeleteObjectList are improved to return more detailed error messages

  15. spMFInserUserMessage documentation is updated

  16. spMFObjectTypeUpdateClassIndex added logging, remove resetting the MFClass, add error handling

  17. spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL resolve bug with NextBatch_ID

  18. MFvwUserGroup is revised to align with localisation.

  19. Excel based temples in the add-ons is retired and removed as the template is no longer valid for latest releases of excel.

  20. Several example scripts are updated, or retired as example scripts are being moved into the doc.lamininsolutions documentation

  21. spMFUpdateAllncludedInAppTables documentation is updated to respond to the new parameters added for the procedure

  22. Resolve bug with updating MFAuditHistory in the procedure spMFTableAudit and improve logging

  23. Advanced installer is updated to allow for gRPC to be selected as a protocol

  24. MFProtocolType table is updated to include gRPC

  25. spMFUpdateTableInternal is update to fix a conflict of a property with a name ‘value’ in the Pivot.

  26. spMFUpdateTable is update to resolve a bug with data definition in large text properties

  27. spMFsetup_Reporting is modified to change the approach to only update selected tables

  28. spMFClassTableStats is updated to resolve an error with the count of objects when sending a report, and to prevent sending a blank page.

  29. spMFResultMessageForUI fixing bug with duration being null

  30. spMFUpdateAllncludedInAppTables is updated to resolve a loop bug with updating history

  31. spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL resolve issue of removal of class table objects

  32. Update all example scripts for using the context menu to include ProcessBatch_ID and other changes

  33. Update the Web API to respond to the newly designed VAF.

  34. New functionality was added to allow for parameterised processing of additional properties. This has affected a range of procedures. Refer to the guide for more details

  35. Add VaultRoles to MFUserAccount dataset

  36. Add ServerRoles to MFLoginAccount dataset

  37. Upgrade spMFCheckAndUpdateAssemblyVersion to include updating when assemblies failed to load.

  38. Add debugging to spMFUpdateAssemblies

  39. Improvements with XML handling in the wrapper

  40. Fix bug with localisation of Spanish and German handling of decimals

  41. Fix bug for getting M-Files version for M-Files releases after 22.9 in spMFCheckAndUpdateAssemblyVersion

  1. Change of login method to use guid instead of name of vault. This change affected a) the VAF, the assemblies, and spMFVaultConnectionTest, fnMFVaultSettings and spMFGetMetadataStructureID

  2. Change spmfConnectionTest to test connection to M-Files Server without logging into vault. This method is mainly used to detect early of M-Files server is no longer available for long running processes

  3. Improve performance in spMFAuditTable, spMFUpdateTable, spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL, spMFUpdateAllncludedInAppTables

  4. Improve logging and the use of MFProcessBatchDetail to review processing.

  5. Add Guid to fnMFVaultSettings to allow for login with Guid

  6. Update spMFUpdateTable to allow for updating of collections in a class.

  7. Automatically add guid in MFSettings to allow for logging in with Guid

  8. Set default of updating tables in spMFUpdateObjectChangeHistory to 0 to prevent updating tables unnecessary

  9. Remove redundant checking of vault connection in spMFGetLicense

  10. Elliminate use of spMFGetObjectVers in spMFAuditTable to improve performance

  11. Fix bug in spMFCheckandUpdateAssemblyVersion

  12. Pair connectiontest and CLR procedures to elliminate unecessary use of checking a connection.

  13. Maintain same ProcessBatch_ID throughout in spMFUpdateAllIncludeInAppTables to allow for performance monitoring of the entire process

  14. Fix bug where some records did not update in spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL

  15. Entend the output of spMFUpdateHistoryShow to include change of object versions and audit History

  16. Improve and extend spMFGetProcedurePerformance

  17. Fix bug to no longer drop agents already created.

  18. Add CLRModule column in MFSQLObjectsControl to improve visibility of CLR methods

  19. Add additional processes in the MFProcess table

  20. Add MFAssemblylog table to support Assembly logging (for future release deployment)

  21. Add MFObjidlist table to improve performance of updates

  22. Fix bug in spMFGetMissingObjids to support deletions

  23. Add assembly logging to app detail logging in spMFInsertClass, spMFCreateTable, spMFProcessBatchUpsert and spMFProcessBatchDetail_insert

  24. Updates to spMFUpdateTable include - Optimize preparing properties for update and replace UNPIVOT with new case method - Allow null to be passed in for properties - Remove table scan when updatemethod 0 is used - Resolve bug related to audit table deletions removal

  25. Resolve bug on valuelists in spMFSetup_Reporting

  26. Resolve issues and add logging in spMFDeleteObject

  27. Add logging in spMFDeleteObjectList

  28. Add new procedure for undeleting objects as spMFUndeleteObject

  29. Increase size of email parameters to align with mailer in spMFClassTableStats

  30. Add parameter to extend the flexibility of spMFUpdateAllncludedInAppTables to include other options in IncludeInApp column

  31. Improve logging for spMFUpdateAllncludedInAppTables

  32. Updates to spMFAuditTable to set objids datatype to max and to deal with class changes

Take note: After installation of the package, restart the vault.

  1. Update spMFAuditTable and spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL to re-evaluate deleted objects when incremental update is performed.

  2. Remove deletion of MFAuditHistory on full update.

  3. Change default for objectVersion to -1 in spMFDeleteObject

  4. Change script for adding Delete History Agent to only create agent if not exist

  5. Fix bug with spMFCheckAndUpdateAssemblyVersion

  6. Remove duplicate indexes on tables MFLog, MFUpdateHistory

  7. Update additional elements of Advanced Installer Package to improve control, resolve issues in use of powershell, allow TLS1.2 and cloud installation.

  8. Fix bugs in spMFClassTableColumns for missing table not identying if table deleted and bug on multilookup data type change error

  9. Remove bug of showing query with debug = 0 in spMFClassTableStats

  10. The procedures spMFUpdateObjectChangeHistory and smMFGetHistory are fundamentally recoded to change the approach to improve performance

  11. Update documentation in spMFDropandUpdateTable, spMFLogError_Email, spMFUpdateMfilesToMFSQL

  12. Set maximum rows in MFvwClassTableColumns to 10000

  13. Update spMFDeploymentDetails and spMFUpdateAssemblies to improve entries in the MFDeploymentDetail table

  14. Fix update references in MFProcess table to map to descriptions

  15. Update logging in spMFTableAudit to track performance

  16. Fix spMFUpdateHistoryShow to aid performance tracking

  17. Add new special procedure to aid performance tracking of a procedurebatch spMFGetProcedurePerformance

  18. Align on premise VAF with cloud VAF with updates to image references

  1. The installation package is significantly upgraded to include validations, improved UI and some bug fixing

  2. Add parameter to spMFUpdateItembyItem to deleted objects

  3. Add new column for valuelist_Class_ID in vwMFMetadataStructure

  4. Resolve incorrect value in column SQLnotinMF in spmfClassTableStats

  5. Add in spMFUpdateMfilesToMFSQL with full update: remove objects in class table not in audit table

  6. Add parameter for RetainDeletions in spMFUpdateAllncludedInAppTables

  7. Add output to parameter ProcessBatch_ID in spMFUpdateTableInBatches

  8. Resolve bug with null count in spMFResultMessageForUI

  9. Remove deletion of MFAuditHistory from spMFDeleteHistory

  10. Remove incorrect license check in spmfDeleteObject

  11. Improve spMFDeploymentDetails to record failed deployment

  12. Renew Advanced installer - the installation package. UI improvements, installation validations, https installation bug fix, powershell setup recovery added to the installer

  13. Update Advanced Installer SQL connection to be TLS 1.2 compliant. Update components to .Net framework 4.6.1

  14. Update .Net Framework for MFSQLConnectorVaultApp VAF to 4.6.1

  15. Update .Net Framework for MFSQLDBFileConnector VAF to 4.6.1

  1. Fix logging and updating of class table in spMFDeleteObjectList

  2. Remove redundant debugging item from spMFUpdateExplorerFileToMFiles

  3. Allow updating of Document Collection object type for class in spMFUpdateTable and spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL

  4. Fix truncate string bug in

  5. Add parameter to suppress the control report in spMFUpdateAllncludedInAppTables

  6. Improve debugging and error logging in spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL

  7. Improve debugging and resolve bug in spMFGetHistory

  8. Resolve unwanted output in spMFExportFiles

  9. Improve documentation for spMFDropandUpdateTable

  10. Change datatype of varchar to nvarchar in table MFFileImport

  11. Improve control when version could not be found in spMFCheckandUpdateAssemblyVersions Database File

  1. Add funtionality to promote object and add metadata to a data base file object

  1. Fix timestamp updating issue of not showing correct time in spMFUpdateTableInternal, and spMFUpdateTable

  2. Redesign batching and grouping in spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL. spMFUpdateTable_ObjIds_GetGroupedList become redundant.

  3. Fix bug to include first record in each batch in spMFUpdateTableInBatches

  4. Fix spMFDeleteObject to delete a single object to include changed Wrapper module

  5. Resolve issue with specifying a tablename in spMFClassTableStats

  6. Add removal of redundant class records in spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL

  7. Exclude running full spMFClassTableStats for each batch

  8. update MFSQL Database File Connector

  1. Remove required workflow check from spMFUpdateTableInternal and deploy the check in spMFClassTableStats

  2. Add columns checkedOut, templates, MFNotInSQL, collections, Missingtables, and RequiredWorkflowError in spMFClassTableStats

  3. Add error report to email in spMFClassTableStats

  4. Fix calculation of deleted records in spMFClassTableStats

  5. Remove deletion of audit table from spMFClassTableStats

  6. Update MFvwAuditSummary to include collections

  7. Update spMFAuditTable to set statusflag for collections

  8. Update spMFUpdateAllIncludeInAppTables to include error report with spMFClassTableStats

  9. Add detail in table in email messaging in spMFProcessBatch_Email and spMFResultMessageForUI

  10. Fix bug in assemblies to return local server MFVersion, ensuring that spMFGetMFilesAssemblyVersion returns to correct value for spMFCheckandUpdateAssemblyVersions

  11. Fix bug with spMFCreatePublicSharedLink

  12. Fix bug with updating multiple columns with spMFGetHistory

  13. Remove object from class table when class is changed to another object in the same object type with spMFUpdateTable

  14. Set default schema for MFModule in spMFCheckLicenseStatus

  15. Fix objlist error when both class and audit objid is null in spMFUpdateMfilesToMFSQL

  16. Include statusflag = 1 into spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL with incremental update

  17. Resolve issue with duplicate objids for same class in spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL - related to collections

  18. Fix spMFUpdateChangeHistory when control table MFObjectChangeHistoryControl is empty when running spMFUpdateMfilesToMFSQL

  19. The number of objects in a batch is set to 500 in spMFUpdateTable_ObjIDs_GetGroupList

  20. Improve debugging in spMFUpdateObjectChangeHistory

  21. Set updateflag to 1 in spMFObjectTypeUpdateClassIndex to support audit history control

  22. Remove resetting of audit history in spMFUpdateAllncludedInAppTables

  23. Prevent spMFUpdateObjectChangeHistory to run if for a class without entries in control table

  24. Set spMFUpdateAssemblies to accept other than sa as the default master owner

  25. Fix bug with spMFUpdateItembyItem and improve logic for batch processing

  26. Fix bug with installation package resetting MFSettings

  27. Add connection test to spMFGetLicense to validate a connection before license check

  28. Fix timestamp datatype bug in assemblies, and spMFUpdateTableInternal

  1. Fix datetime bug in spMFUpdateExplorerFileToMFiles when importing files and updating error handling

  2. Fix datetime error in the assemblies for importing files using spMFUpdateExplorerFileToMFiles

  3. Enhance functionality of spMFClassTableColumns

  4. Expand the columns returned in vwMFMetadataStructure

  5. Improve error message when license expired using spMFCheckLicenseStatus

  6. Enhance functionality of spMFExportFiles to export files in batches. This significantly improves performance.

  7. Extent functionality of spMFExportFiles to allow for getting file related metadata without downloading the file.

  8. Add additional columns to MFExportFileHistory for file size and file extension

  9. Replace spMFGetFilesInternal with spMFGetFilesListInternal. Update assemblies with corresponding code

  10. Deploy several new tables and procedures to handle sending bulk emails using email templates. This include MFEmailLog, MFEmailTemplate, spMFsendHTMLBodyEmail, and spMFConvertTabletoHtml .

  11. Add 90.107.Custom.DoAccountConfirmationEmail as an example custom procedure for bulk email setup

  12. spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL Include override to recheck any class objects not in Audit

  13. spMFRemoveAdditionalProperties replaces the previous procedure to update ad hoc properties

  14. By default add class property 100 in the MFClassProperty Table with spMFInsertClassProperty

  15. Set default schema for class tables in spMFCreateTable to dbo

  16. Fix bug with checking module 2 license in spMFGetLicense

  17. Provide for using different profiles for different email templates, updating spMFValidateEmailProfile

  18. Fix bug in spMFUpdateTable on insert new object into audithistory

  19. Remove duplicate routine for creating MFUserMessages

  1. spMFUpdateTable is extended to include support for changing of a class. The record will be updated and the new class table will automatically be refreshed for the object.

  2. spMFUpdateTableInternal Fix datetime formatting on updating class table

  3. spMFCreateTable fix bug on setting of objid value. unique index on non null values only.

  4. spMFUpdateTable improve messaging when partial failure of update

  5. MFSettings and MFVaultSettings fix incorrect setting of password when installing a new database

  6. asseblies was updated for improvements on the status reports when using object delete

  7. spMFDeleteObject, spMFDeleteObjectList, spMFDeleteObjectVersionList update to improve status and bug with destroy

  8. spMFGetLicense is a new helper procedure for spMFCheckLicenseStatus

  9. spMFCheckLicenseStatus updated for efficiency and improved error trapping

  10. spMFClassTableStats has new switches to improve usability and efficiency

  11. spMFClassTableCoumns has new swithces to improve usability and efficiency

  12. Vault application: MFSQLConnectorVaultApp is changed for the Web API connection

  1. spMFDeleteObjectList is redesigned to move away from single object deletions to multiple object deletions to improve performance and the number of M-Files logins

  2. spMFDeleteObjectVersionList is introduced to allow for bulk deletions of selected object versions

  3. Assemblies is updated to include additional methods for deletions in bulk

  4. spMFGetHistory and MFObjectChangeHistory is modified to support spmfDeleteObjectVersionList

  5. spMFCheckandUpdateAssemblyVersions is improved with more robust error checking

  6. spMFGetMFilesAssemblyVersion is improved with additional error management

  7. spMFUpdateAssemblies is improved with additional comments when executed manually

  8. Updates to the M-Files Web App to implement setting of encryption key for the cloud

  9. spMFUpdatetableInternal to set datetime conversion to ANSII (method 102)

  10. spMFDropandUpdateTable to fix updating of changes to lookup columns

  11. spMFupdatetable to fix bug with localisation of class_id

  12. spMFUpdateTable to change column name ‘Value’ to avoid conflict with a similar property name

  13. spMFCheckLicenseStatus to change the datatype of license date to date

  14. spMFUpdateTableInBatches to set updatetable objids to include unmatched versions; fix batch size calculation and fix null count for set operation

  15. spMFTableAuditInBatches is removed. The functionality is incorporated in spmfTableAudit

  16. remove setting objid as a unique index

  17. spMFUpdateMfilestoMFSQL to fix bug with update full set

  18. spMFclassTableColumns to set single lookup column to error when not int

Version to

  1. Significant changes in assemblies and multiple procedures to update MFSQL Connector to allign with Microsoft security advisory: If any of the updates related to the VCE-2020-1147 : .NET Framework, SharePoint Server, and Visual Studio Remote Code Execution Vulnerability advisory have been applied to the SQL Server, your M-Files to SQL updates will stop working until you have upgraded to the new version.

  2. Replace Deleted bit column with Property 27 DataTime datatype. Adjust multiple procedures where this change have an impact

  3. Add RetainDeletions option on spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL, spmfUpdateAllIncludedInAppTables and spmfUpdateTableInBatches

  4. Resolve bug with deleted objects in assembly

  5. Remove procedure spMFGetDeletedObjects

  6. Replace random default max objid default with getting count of object versions in spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL

Version to

  1. Update naming of constraints on tables

  2. spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL - set maximum objids default to 200000

  3. spMFDeleteObject - update documentation for object version deletions

  4. spMFCreateTable - add index to Update_ID to improve performance

  5. spMFUpdateTable - fix bug for setting last modified user

  6. spMFUpdateTable - Revome xml_document when transaction failed

  7. spMFGetMFilesAssemblyVersion - fix logic and update MFVersion

  8. spMFConnectionTest - add new procedure to perform simple vault connection test

  9. spMFUpdateAllIncludeInAppTables - add exit if unable to connect to vault

  10. spMFUpdateTableInternal - fix bug with localisation error on workflow

  11. spMFCheckLicenseStatus - set module to 1 when null or 0

  12. spMFImportBlobFilestoMFiles - rewrite import of blob functionality

  13. spMFUpdateExplorerFileToMFiles - remove eroneous debugging

  14. spMFExportFiles - fix bug with updating file_id into MFExportFileHistory

  15. MFilesEvents - fix bug on updating indexes

  16. MFvwMetadataStructure - improve view for not showing document objecttype in error

  17. MFilesWrapper assembly - improve error messages

  18. MFilesWrapper assembly - add new method for vault connection test

  19. MFilesWrapper assembly - remove ability to modify last modified date

  20. General update of procedure documentation

Versions to

  1. spMFUpdateObjectChangeHistory - improve Object change history processing

  2. spMFupdateMFilesToMFSQL - bug fixes and improvements

  3. spMFUpdateAllIncludeInAppTables - improvements for Object change updates

  4. spMFClassTableStats - resolve bug

  5. spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL - add optional running of spMFUpdateChangeHistory

  6. MFSettings - add new setting for indexes

  7. spMFCreateTable - add optional create of indexes

  8. add indexes to tables, including class tables to improve performance

  9. resolve finish localisation bugs

  10. spMFSynchronizeFilestoMFiles - improve synchronization of files

  11. fnMFExcelObjectHyperlink - add new function for excel based hyperlinks

  12. spMFImportBlobFilesToMFiles - improve importing of Blobs, include assembly changes

  13. spMFUpdateTable_ObjIDs_GetGroupList - resolve issue with #objidlist not exist

  14. spMFSynchronizeProperties - resolve bug with synchronisation

  15. spMFUpdateMfilesToMFSQL - Set max objects

  16. Reset naming of constraints on standard tables

  17. MFSQLConnectorVaultApp - improve high volume context menu action updates

  18. MFSQLConnectorVaultApp - add Web Services to as alternative to ODBC connection

  19. MFSQLConnectorVaultApp - improve error reporting

  20. Update documentation on various procedures, tables and functions

  21. Assemblies - improve error and debug messaging

  22. spMFTableAudit - improvements and bug fixes

  23. spMFsettingsForDBUpdate - improve messaging


  1. Allow for comments to be included as a column in class table - Assembly change

  2. Localisation of date and time for Finish Language

  3. Bug fixing for adding comments

  4. Update example for working with comments

  5. Bug fixing for localisation in spmfTableAudit

  6. Bug fixing for spMFGetHistory

  7. Improve spmfUpdateAssemblies to allow for different M-Files Versions

  8. Bug fix in spmfClassTableColumns to fix multilookup column change errors

  9. Bug fix when non standard mail profile is being used

  10. Bug fix spMFTableAudit delete of redundant records

  11. Add MFUserMessagesEnabled to spMFSettingsForDBUpdate

  12. Add MFContextMenuQueue table

  13. Add trigger MFContextMenuQueue_UpdateQueue to trigger spMFUpdateContectMenuQueue

  14. Add procedure spMFUpdateContectMenuQueue to re-process outstanding context menu items

  15. Add logtype END to trigger MFProcessBatch_UserMessage to insert messages from spMFUpdateTable

  16. Update spMFUpdateTableInternal and spMFUpdateTable to allow for _id in as part of the name of a property


  1. Allow ID or space ID at the end of a property name - previously not allowed

  2. Allow specifying MFilesVersion as a parameter in spMFUpdateAssemblies

  3. Extend functionality of licence check to include notification on expiry and limit checks to once a day

  4. Explicity log out of M-Files on license check and connection test to reduce concurrent sessions

  5. Set ContextMenu group as default for permissions in context menu functionality

  6. Allow for custom class list when using spMFCreateAllMFTables

  7. New function to control Text to Date conversions to allow for Mexico localisation

  8. Suppress stats to show detail when using spMFUpdateMFilesToSQL

  9. Improve error trapping and logging

  10. Remove deleted objects from MFAuditHistory

  11. Add functionality to destroy specific version of an object

Version -

  1. Add functionality to get all deleted objects in and object type from M-Files

  2. Upgrade to latest release of VAF framework

  3. Improve large scale updates

  4. Improve automatic updating of MFVersion on upgrading of M-Files

  5. Improve error trapping and logging


  1. Added new CLR to get details of a specfic unmanaged object

  2. Added new procedure to Syncronise unmanaged object

  3. Add procedures to validate and update assemblies automatically when MFiles Version changed on the SQL Server

  4. Check validity of MFVersion when connection test is performed and auto fix if not valid

  5. Add column to table FileObjedID

  6. Update procedure to update file object Id

  7. update changes to workflow state names to all related class table records

  8. Add capability to import files from explorer using SQL procedure

  9. Check if valuelist name exists or is duplicate

  10. Fix bug for spMFDropandUpdateTable parameter

  11. New functionality to be able to update object versions in large tables in batches

  12. Add error checking for text columns that have incorrect size in spMFClassTableColumns

  13. add validation that tables exists in spMFTableAudit. Add controls for large tables

  14. Fix updating of object type if object type is Document Collection in spMFTableAudit

  15. Switch to spMFTableAuditInBatches when table size have more 100 000 records in spMFUpdateMFilesToMFSQL

  16. Add Import Error column in MFFileImport table

  17. Add RealObjectType as a column in MFvwMetadataStructure

  18. Add ability to process result in subsequent procedure for spMFSearchObject

  19. Include connection string for context menu functionality in named value storage