Introducing MFSQL Connector

The introduction describes the background and purpose of the tool, elaborate on the requirements for using the tool, highlights the assumptions and constraints and provides guidance on how to get help.


MFSQL Connector (The Connector) is a framework designed to allow M-Files to interact with MS SQL to enable a range of business cases including but not limited to:

  • Integration of M-Files with other applications with two way integration between M-Files and MS SQL

  • Creating M-Files Add-on applications using SQL as the extended database for these applications

  • Advanced M-Files metadata cleansing and metadata management

  • M-Files metadata reports using any report writer or integrating the reports with in-house web applications

  • Accessing database files (blobs) in third party databases and making them available in M-Files

The detail application of these uses are discussed in the sections

The Connector is designed as a developer or consultant framework rather than an end user application. It is unlikely that a general M-Files user will interact directly with the Connector. However the special applications used by users will apply the Connector to operate on a day by day basis.

Purpose and scope

The sole purpose of the Connector is to enhance the application of M-Files using Microsoft SQL. The licensing, use and support for M-Files and Microsoft SQL is assumed and separate from the Connector.

M-Files helps enterprises find, share, and secure documents and information. At the same time, the integration with and access to Microsoft SQL as the database, exposes the M-Files metadata for a range of different types of applications. The Connector:

  • Enables reporting on any metadata with static, or dynamic reports with the ability to have near real time availability of data;

  • Allows for extensive metadata re-alignment, cleansing or manipulation;

  • Allows for building interfaces and integration with bespoke applications or other third party systems

The use and configuration of M-Files and SQL is not included in this document. Refer to the application documentation for further details.

Getting help

The Annual subscription entitles you to all hot fixes and improvements to the subscribed modules. The best way to get our attention is to email support.

The application of the functionality in your environment, performing upgrades and making use of the power of the Connector are not included in the subscription price. These services can be provided by you local reseller, supported by us for an additional fee depending on the requirements.

We en-devour to answer questions by email, and if necessary by telephone or video conference.

Your feedback on the use of the functionality and potential improvements are welcomed.