CRM and Emailer Management

This use case stem from the complexity  of managing and selecting contacts and making information available to a Emailer system to manage the bulk distribution of emails. It also includes the feedback from the Emailer system to update the history data of the contact.

The deployment of these features are based upon the following elements:

  • Contacts and customers and prospects are managed in M-Files with all there associated characteristics such as regions, industries, interests, history of previous purchases etc

  • Using MFSQL Connector the customer and contact data is synchronized with SQL.

  • SQL views and queries are used to perform different selection of the data.

  • These are exported to a CSV file in the format required by the Emailer system

  • This data is integrated with the Emailer own database.  After the completion of the campaign a CSV file is exported from the Emailer system.

  • SQL picks up the SCV, and aligns it with the customer and contact data.  It either create new records or updates records.

  • The updates are synchronized with M-Files and the users have full access of the email campaign history in M-Files.  This information is available for subsequent campaigns.