Online Quote System

In this use case M-Files include the product definition and all the related metadata for generating a quote to the customer.  The quotation system is very involved and dependent on a series of rules and conditions. Customers can perform an online quote using a special website, explore different options and finally confirm the quote.  On confirmation of the quote a confirmed quote is posted directly into M-Files to track the quotes and complete the remainder of the sales processes.

The deployment of this use case involved the following:

  • Using MFSQL Connector all the related classes, valuelists and dependencies are synchronized with SQL

  • Additional tables and procedures are included in SQL to represent the rules and conditions engine to determine the pricing of the project.

  • A Web Application with membership control that links into the customer data from M-Files is built using Code On Time Application Generator, This includes history of previous orders and appropriate access to the dependencies from M-Files.

  • The customer is presented with pick and select alternatives to choose from different product options in the Web Application. The application store quotes in progress by customer.

  • On confirmation of the quote a record is created and updated in M-Files to trigger the new quote.

  • The remainder of the provisioning for the order and invoicing process is then managed in M-Files.