Online Ordering of special stock

In this use case special stock is managed in M-Files.  Customers are able to order from the special stock using a standard website including an ordering basket.  On completion of the order a transaction is posted into M-Files to allow the company to assemble the special stock and deliver the order to the customer

The deployment of this use case have the following elements

  • The stock details are managed in M-Files and synchronized with SQL using MFSQL Connector.

  • A Web Application with membership control, basket, and access to the available stock is deployed using Code On Time Application generator. This application points the the SQL database for MFSQLConnector.

  • Additional procedures and functions is added in the SQL database to support the Web Application

  • On confirmation of the order, a new sales order is created in SQL and synchronized bank into M-Files.

  • A notification alerts the M-Files user that a new customer order was placed. The remainder of the process is completed in M-Files.