MFSQL Connector

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MFSQL Connector Tagline

The MFSQL Connector allow you to rapidly build integrations between M-Files and other applications such as Epicor, SAGE or your custom CRM, MRP application. It creates the platform for your own special applications using the M-Files metadata in collaboration with your own in-house systems.

The MFSQL Connector also allows you to manage, manipulate and explore the metadata for data cleansing or updating of the metadata and build special reports from the data.

It all happens because the metadata is readily accessible in SQL and stays in sync with M-Files.

It is built as a framework for use by developers and consultants allowing you to:

MFSQL data exchange and reporting Connector

Move your valuable business data with confidence, reliably transfer information in and out of M-Files.

  • Manipulate M-Files data
  • Combine M-Files data with external data
  • Report using any BI analytics software

MFSQL Integration Connector

Unlock the hidden value in your business information, seamlessly synchronize business databases and custom applications with M-Files.

  • Integrate any third party system
  • Automate processes in the background
  • Relate data from multiple sources
  • Transfer information with its relationships

MFSQL Database File Connector

Access all your important files in another application database, provide access to database files in M-Files.

  • Access files in external databases from M-Files
  • Search on content of files in the external databases
  • Import the files in database files with its metadata